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Speech Patterns

1. I can't do a thing with him. He won't take his pineapple juice.

I can't do a thing with the boy. He won't let anyone come into the room.

I can't do a thing with her. She won't take the medicine.


2. He had done some constructive thinking since his last vis­it.

I do the cooking myself.

He was doing some careful listening.

I've done enough reading for today.


3. This was no ordinary case.

William Strand was no ordinary human.

This was no petty offence.

It was no small achievement.


4. The suggestion proved too much for the patient's heart.

The letter proved to be of little consequence.

He had no premonition that this call would prove unusual.


5. I just suggested it, that's all.

We just thought it necessary to make the inquiries, that's all.

I just wanted to know, that's all.

I just don't feel like eating, that's all.


6. Let's try and draw that vase over there on the mantelpiece.

Try and behave better.

Let's try and get there on time.

Try and come, won't you?


7. Good. Let's make it Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Good. Let's make it next week.

Well. Let's make it Saturday then.

Why, let's make it four o'clock.

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