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Exercise 1. Make up and act out in front of the class a suitable dialogue using the Speech Patterns.

Exercise 2. Respond to the following statements and questions using the Essential Vocabulary.

1. I'll make every effort to come. 2. They are both of a size. 3. It's her own selection. 4. What a relief! 5. It's doubtless a work of art. 6. How'd you like to take up art professionally? 7. I know, it's next to impossible to draw him out. 8. It's a great draw all right. 9. Why should you paint it in such dark colours? 10. There isn't the slight­est doubt about it. 11. Unfortunately, it's a size too large. 12. What a nice colour you have got!

Exercise 3. Use the following words and word combinations in situations:

1.   tubes of oils; a box of water-colours; crayons; palette; to paint a picture; to doubt if; no ordinary painting; to depict; colours; cost smb. much effort; to sigh with relief;

2.   a lifetime dream; to exhibit smth. in a show; selection commit­tee; to be accepted for the show; to hang in an inconspicuous place; small in size; art critics; to be distinguished by a marvellous sense of colour and composition; a mature artist; to have no doubt; to excite some noticeable comment; to award a prize;

3.   to have a painter for a neighbour; to display an insatiable curi­osity about one's studio; to take advantage of the opportunity; to sigh with relief; to draw a curtain aside; a life-sized portrait; to paint against the background of smth.; glowing colours; to be drawn with utmost care and precision; to be lost in admiration; to become aware of smb.'s presence; to blush to the top of one's ears.


Exercise 4. Make up and practise a short situation using the word combinations and phrases.


Exercise 5. Make up and act out a dialogue using the word combinations and phrases.


Exercise 6. What are your views on abstract paintings?
Do you find them boring, uncreative, a mere compilation of eye candy colors on a canvas, or do you find them immersing and self-expressing?


Anthony Frost. Out of the Kitchen Came Raw Energy, 1951

Bruce Silton. The White Pony, 1995


Exercise 7. Choose one of the quotes and think of it. Use Topical Vocabulary.

Exercise 8.  Watch the video. It will present you the most known works of Thomas Gainsborough and William Turner. Choose the work of one of the English or American artists and analyze it according to the scheme.


1. The Picture. The author, his style. The history of creating.

2. Genre.

3. Composition.

4. Colouring. Light and shade effects.

5. Impression. Judgement.


Pay attention to the examples of the analysis of the picture. Use Topical Vocabulary and Vocabulary for Visual Arts.





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