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Word Combinations and Phrases

to be in good (bad) shape - to be prepared and ready to do something

at a great sacrifice to one's health - to give up something that is valuable to you and your state in order to do smth for the others

to take up art (painting) - to become involved in art

to avert a disaster - to prevent something bad from happening

to look at smb./smth. appraisingly - to examine someone or something in order to judge their qualities, success or needs

a box of water-colours - a set of paints which are mixed with water and used to create pictures

a tube of oils - a tube of thick paints with an oil base, used for painting pictures

to send smth. to the cleaner's - to send clothes that cannot be washed in an ordinary washing machine to the shop where they are cleaned

to become involved in smth.- to take part in smth.

to execute a picture (a statue) - to draw a picture in a planned way

to exhibit (smth.) in a show - to show something publicly

a lifetime dream - a dream of one's life

a mature artist - an artist developed mentally and emotionally, advanced in his ideas

to become a laughing-stock - to seem stupid or silly, especially by trying to be serious or important and not succeeding

to be accepted for the show - to be allowed to take part in the show

an inconspicuous place - a place not easily or quickly noticed or seen; not attracting attention

to blush to the top of one's ears - to become pink in the face, usually from embarrassment

the close of the exhibition - the end of the exhibition

to award a prize (a medal) - to give money or a prize following an official decision

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